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Some tech predictions for 2013 (setfive.com)
24 points by adatta02 1788 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

I predict that in the end, a declarative one will be the winner, eventually one that will compensate JavaScript weakness. Therefore, we are working to create a framework for complex applications (something in line with Angular but with better features) We have models that are doing type checking, better/maintainable code, correctness against asynchronous effects caused partially by the declarative style we love and simplify the code so much,etc: https://github.com/salboaie/shape/

"You’ll be able to download network (Showtime, HBO, NFL, etc.) branded apps which will display enhanced content as you’re watching your favorite show or team."

we'll see more of this i'm sure, but this has already been happening at a pretty large scale over the past year. there are already a small handful of SAAS businesses dedicated to providing this type of content to developers. NFL is not a network, but still an interesting point in that networks may not be the only ones entering the arena.

The NFL actually has it's own network - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL_Network They have a couple of specialty programs like "NFL Red Zone" which shows every football game simultaneously, something which regular channels (ABC, NBC, Fox) can't do because of licensing restrictions.

right of course. i thought your intent was to imply non-network possibilities for the second screen. for instance, there is no reason NFL (the league) could not create a sync-to-broadcast app regardless of wether or not they are the ones syndicating the actual broadcast.

The thing about Backbone vs Angular is one is imperative and the other is declarative, people can't just jump from one framework to the other, two slightly different programming paradigms, both will strive in 2013

All I ever hear or read about in my Rails bubble is Backbone. In my ignorance I'd assumed it had become the default.

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