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Show HN: Clean your app permissions before 2013 (mypermissions.org)
38 points by benjlang 1758 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

Interesting concept, but it's very poorly implemented. I'd like to remove a majority of the apps listed, but I cannot easily "Trust" the few that I'd like to keep. It requires my email address in order to proceed. For a service that is supposed to prevent others from getting your personal information I find it ironic that you need to give them your personal information to proceed.

Removing one at a time is also a very painful process that requires 4 clicks. Two of which are dismissing windows requesting that I spam my users and give them my personal information. What a shame.

Hawkee. The email address is collected for the sole purpose of retrieving the apps you may have trusted next time you log in. Would you feel more comfortable if we asked for your detail once per session? About the removal of apps, what you can also do is remove all the apps, one click. You'll only be cutting the connection, not the deleting the account. Once done, if ever you need to use those apps again, all you'll have to do is reconnect.

In that case, you might be better off asking for a phrase to be used to retrieve trusted apps. Hawkee is right, you're dealing with an unusually paranoid audience.

Interesting. We'll take a better look at that flow.

63 Facebook Apps, 90% of which I didn't even know I added.

It just showed me the list that is easily accessible from Facebook, which I already had well maintained.

Guess that's reassuring though.

I only have an account on one of those eleven sites (that is, Google).

Nothing particularly suspicious there.

mypermissions.com looks too much like a malware download page. As a suggestion, please avoid overly-suggestive calls to action.

Thanks for the recommendation! We're always trying to improve our pages.

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