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Isn't 3 seconds a lot?

I try to keeps our numbers under 1 second, although we only target the USA.

The biggest improvement to our page load speed came from using a php cache (xcache) and specifying client cache lifetimes. The first got us to around 1 second and the second meant that the best case (which happened often) was about 0.5s

I personally think that even one second is way too long. Especially if it's about web shopping or any other service which actually requires user to browse content, and not read long articles or so.

I just complained to one online cartoon about this, changing from strip to strip takes 1,5 seconds and that's super slow afaik. It really annoys users.

Author here. I meant DOM ready in 3 seconds. Our server response time is under 300 ms. Details here: http://d.pr/i/h5Vx

I think he means server -> client full rendering over "3000ms rendering by the server" (for example if you were using PHP a page taking 3000ms to load before even starting to render on the client is insane).

3 < 20, especially when talking about dialup/dsl lines in Nigeria

But that only accounts for download size.

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