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Free DNS Tools (viewdns.info)
124 points by hughesey 1758 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Surprised it hasn't been on here before - great set of tools I use it all the time.

Discovered it after dnsstuff moved some of their tools to pay-only.

Watchmouse seems to have been bought out recently too, hope they don't go pay.

Oh apparently they have been on here before, just not the main page http://www.hnsearch.com/search#request/all&q=viewdns.inf...

Thanks you, a very useful site. These tools all exist elsewhere, but it's really handy to have them all in one place, and right on the home page, too.

Out of curiosity, what makes actually digging this data up difficult?

All of these tests are possible using command line tools, but some of them would require multiple invocations of the tools, as well as verification against a matrix of known-good configuration parameters. For example, the DNS report is pretty comprehensive.

What's surprising to me is that these tools are web based. Although, there is some value in having a third party verify your assumptions. It's not uncommon for me to alter my hosts file while I wait on DNS to propagate. That can screw up my resolver when running diagnostics locally.

It has been down :-(

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