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Ask HN: Collect wedding photos?
5 points by porker 1755 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite
I'm getting married in a couple of months and we want to collect our guests' photos of the wedding.

I'd envisaged embedding a 3rd party service in the website, which collected guest name, email address and let them drag and drop their photos in to upload - but can't find one.

I haven't the time to build this, and don't want to resort to guests emailing (attachments too large) or burning CD's (no one will do). Do you know of such a service? Is there another way I've overlooked?

[Our older guests won't manage this - they can't even complete a simple RSVP form online - but hopefully the rest will!]

If you want to go the app route, there are indeed quite a few apps made for this purpose. I've come across several but can't outright recommend one. A search for "wedding photo app" will give you several results. Downside: getting everyone to download the app, learning curve of a new app.

You could also go the "hashtag route", where they can share the photo in the method that they're already accustomed to, and include the hashtag you choose. From there you can use a photo aggregator to search for the photos. Downside: not as private as an app, possibly not as thorough as an app

Shameless plug: the web app in my profile is an aggregator, finds photos by hashtag, collects them into one gallery.

Thanks @flexxaeon, we definitely don't want to go the app route because... most guests won't have any phone capable of running an app. The hashtag route is a good idea, but 50% of the guests don't share photos any way at present (save attaching the occasional one or two to email).

I'll keep thinking!

This is a pretty low-tech (and more expensive) solution, but at our wedding reception, we put a disposable camera on each table and encouraged people to just grab them and snap pictures. Afterwards we got them developed, and all of them came with a CD of the pics.

This obviously doesn't capture shots taken with other cameras/phones, but is a start.

I'm tempted to suggest Dropbox. Depending on the number of guests, you might need to be careful about the volume of photos at any point (of course, bonus storage for you for inviting a lot of new guests).

It's not ideal because I don't think you can control read / write access but 'it just works' which is an advantage.

The trouble is, it requires Dropbox to be installed on their computer (unless I'm mistaken?), the shared folder joined, etc? I hate to say it but this will be too complicated for most - I've had to set up Dropbox for my parents as they couldn't, and they're more computer savvy than half the guests.

Wish I could though, as it would be a nice easy approach!

This is a very lazyweb kind of question. There are any number of old school photo apps you could use (e.g. Flickr with private groups) and any number of new photo apps on the scene with this value proposition (e.g. Tracks).

A detailed look comparing them for this purpose would be an interesting discussion.

Thanks Greg, it wasn't that kind of question because I hadn't done my research! Flickr would be good, but it requires people to create an account and get to grips with using the site; I wasn't aware of Tracks but from what the site shows it's geared towards people with smartphones?

It would certainly be an interesting discussion and if I get round to it I'll let you know.

https://theflockapp.com/weddings Looks to be what you are looking for. Created by Bump (YC S09).

Thanks - in 10 years time it would be ideal, but here in the UK and with half the guests aged 50+ there's a distinct lack of smartphones!

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