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> I would ask that you offer the option to set the threshold at which we "Automatically add recipients of sent messages to the address book". email clients over the years have made my contacts completely worthless with this email-once-add-to-contacts-feature because there are tons of people I email once or twice and never speak to again, but at some point (5 emails in perhaps) ... its a good idea to add that person to your contacts.

Settings > General Settings > Address Book > "Mark automatically added contacts important" : "After 5 sent messages"

Is that what you wanted?

Its close but not quite the same. I'd like them not to get into the address book at all until after x sent messages.

I guess its just a matter of preference.

Perhaps an even better solution might be:

Any people I have emailed at least once within the last two weeks, plus any people I have emailed at least 5 times ever.

That's a cool idea; thanks for the suggestion.

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