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Show HN: Procrstn8 - A Reddit client app for Windows 8 PCs and Tablets (microsoft.com)
25 points by puneetsmail 1608 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

I am currently at work. Will download your app and take it for a spin once I am back home. However, a couple of remarks based on the screenshot: - Please offer a light theme. - Indicate the domain hosting the content. - Differentiate videos from other content.

You can take a look at how Reddit ET does it. I think that's a layout that can scale really well on tablets and desktops.

Because I need more ways to waste time. The name fits perfect though :)


thanks for comments. I am adding more features, will consider your feedback. BTW, the app already shows the domain at the top of the post page.

Sorry, hackers don't like Microcrap.

I think we're well past the days of Microsoft being the evil empire[1] and I'm happy someone else is building an alternative to Android and iOS.

Whether that alternative will actually take off is highly questionable but more choice is better for consumers and hackers alike.

[1] For one thing Steve Ballmer seems too incompetent to make an effective villain.

It has nothing to do with being an evil empire and all to do with being evil. It doesn't matter if they're ruling or dying. Just because they're not alone in sucking badly doesn't mean they don't, and if we need Microsoft of all companies to provide an "alternative", that's an argument against the current situation; not for Microsoft.

That said, the word "hacker" has so many definitions it's completely useless anyway, it describes nothing. So don't take this as an agreement with the post you replied to, I would have said "people with dignity" instead of "hacker" haha.

In my books, lack of vowels is the real deal breaker.

Real hackers wouldn't ever limit their minds the way your comment shows you do.

That said I'll be grabbing this and giving it a test run.

And how do you define a Hacker, One who takes the MACRO crap ??

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