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Although I'd seen most before seeing your link the other day, it's still a nice base list to show people what can be done. I gave my brother a RasPi for Christmas and although he's struggling to find time to play with it, he's also wondering he could do. Hopefully when he gets around to reading that list, it'll inspire him.

In the current TL;DR user ecosystem, anything wordy, or involving use of page scroll has already lost the attention of most. When was the last time you heard someone complain that an image was too big (yes I know it happens, but that's either due to poor UI or just a jerk wad wanting to complain for the sake of hearing their own voice).

Having been one of the ones that landed on your revamped page, I honestly wouldn't have stayed around for too long on the original version. I would have skimmed through the list to see if there was anything relevant to myself, opened a new tab for each one, then left. The images, although they didn't give much to the content of the page, made it more enticing to click through, even on articles that didn't interest me.

What you might want to do is follow-ups, get people coming back. A lot will probably bookmark to read again later when they are interested, but those that have already got what they wanted are now lost unless you hook them again.

Google+ is alive and kicking (although the HN Community is constantly getting bombarded with people asking about "Hacking", I would say that a majority of the users I've seen are worth associating with (compared to FB)). There's a somewhat active RasPi community there now posting articles about everything and anything RasPi related. You should probably head over there and give it a go.

Thanks for the original article as well.

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