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Q: How are you planning to make money? A: That's really putting the cart before the horse. We're focused on solving the fundamental problem, which is that email clients are dumb and complicated, when they should be getting smarter and simpler. There are many ways to make money in the email space; we're not worried about making money right now.

Can you expand on this? I agree with your premise that email clients should be getting smarter and simpler (or at least I accept that as a valid premise). Really, though, how do you plan to make money? How do we know this won't disappear/be no longer supported in six months or a year when you get tired of not having any revenue?

My previous company (ITA Software) made enough revenue to (rather comfortably) justify the ~$700M valuation Google paid for it. ITA never took in a single cent of advertising money or money derived from selling users' data to third parties.

I believe a vastly better email platform has inherent value, just like a vastly better travel planning system has inherent value. Look at the dozens of ways companies are currently earning their keep in the email sector. It's not the same as Twitter or Facebook, which only have usability value to consumers, and which can only succeed at massive scale.

Do you really have to ask this? If it isn't open source, the answer has to be "no", or at best, "maybe".

Which is, not-so-coincidentally, why my next project is 100% open source.

Yes please answer this because it sucks when software goes away. I want a great email client as long lived as vim will be.

This, precisely. What's in it for you? If you plan on keeping your product free for your users, then you are obviously planning on monetizing your users in a different way. I'm very curious to find out how exactly.

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