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Very interesting. Though aren't several of these also "habits" that Steve Jobs had?


Habit #5: They are consummate spokespersons, obsessed with the company image

Yes, Jobs had all of these qualities to varying degrees.

The list is bullshit. It doesn't make a bad CEO, it makes an aggressive, ambitious CEO.

I would say that all of these traits are good to have in a CEO. Provided you have a CFO or COO who keeps his eyes on the numbers, keeps the company solvent and keeps the CEO in the realm of sanity.

Jobs had Tim Cook and his predecessors Fred Anderson and Peter Oppenheimer who managed to keep 30 billion cash in the bank even when Apple were at their lowest ebb and turn an operating profit in all but 4 quarters.

Maybe this list should be "Seven habits of CEOs that change things".

If they are good, they use there personality traits to make things better. If they are bad, they use these traits to make things worse.

Or seven habits that increase risk. These habits boil down to having an extreme trust in their own infallibility, and eliminating and ignoring input that disagree with them, which may work fantastically well for a long time if you are a true visionary, but puts you at extreme risk of being blindsided if you aren't, or eventually even if you are.

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