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I haven't read the book that he linked to, but in the blog post or the journal article I didn't see any true exploration of causation vs. correlation.

What if these are 7 habits that make people likely to become CEOs? It would follow, then, that CEOs that failed would also exhibit these habits. I'd like to see the article provide some evidence that these are habits specific to "spectacularly unsuccessful" CEOs as opposed to CEOs at large.

Without having to provide such evidence, I would propose an 8th habit common to all spectacularly unsuccessful CEO: they all breathed air. If your CEO or senior execs breath air, it may be a warning sign.

This may be the factor behind the success of Shark Tank. By backing CEOs who are gill-endowed, they remove air from the equation. OTOH, it does open them up to accusations of fishiness behind the scenes.

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