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Here are my first impressions as a keyboard-heavy email user:

* Created account and added my google apps account. Detection worked well.

* Tried to switch to my google apps inbox by pressing Cmd-2 like twitter clients and other apps with a left bar. No dice.

* Pressed '?' to see a hotkey popup. No dice.

* Pressed 'c' to compose a new message. That worked.

* Tried to figure out how to get back to the inbox. Had to use the mouse.

* Scrolled down, it was slow.

* Closed and reopened inky, and apparently it's not taking my password (20 characters long and containing the characters ";*{~?").

I have no idea what my password is actually set to (it seems to have accepted the password but modified it before saving?) and can't log in anymore. Which is fine, because inky's not for me. Lots of promise I think, but the UI is just not responsive enough yet, and I'm pretty happy with GMail's web UI.

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