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1. I only take notes on substantial material - something I can learn from - so for instance I don't take notes on news articles that I've read, but I do take notes on relevant to me blog articles, books and videos/video lectures.

For instance I just finished reading a Brennan Dunn's book "Double your freelancing rate" and published the summary in here: http://blog.nimblegecko.com/notes-on-double-your-freelancing...

Or here are the notes on second week of Coursera "how to reason and argue" course - https://www.evernote.com/shard/s42/sh/cf6b1dd3-51aa-4bc0-b94...

Hopefully it gives you an idea on how extensive that is.

2. After I finished writing down the note, I copy its contents into a separate note in Evernote and delete everything that I cannot turn into an actionable item.

For each actionable item I add a tickbox (Cmd-Shift-T).

3. Then I estimate how long it's going to take to execute on that item and add a ticket into PivotalTracker. I normally try to group tickets by epics (product, marketing, consulting etc).

Hope it helps.

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