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Ask HN: What are pros of Haskell
11 points by tyaakow 1583 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
What are the pros of Haskell and say, Yesod, vs python and django or flask?

Is it worth trying to learn Haskell Yesod vs. say, becoming advanced with python & django?

Learn both. :)

Python has a less steep learning curve and has a more vibrant ecosystem.

Haskell has the potential to change the way you think about programming, and its ecosystem is maturing quickly.

I used Haskell for my university honours thesis. Spent a whole year on it but still haven't had the chance to fully grasp the concept of monads yet, but I'm not sure its because they're complicated or because I didn't need them.

I use python + django at my day job.

Thats nice. However, my intentions are very practical. I dont need to become "better comp. scientist". I just want something which will help me do more with less effort. Something that will harness my programming & learning efforts better. I already know some python. What will give me better leverage in practical projects? In making some shining new app?

If you want results in next 3 months then I suggest python.

I suspect Haskell will become a lot more popular in the long run though. (Maybe in 5 years time).

So go python. :)

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