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World Startup Report: a Mission to Document Startup Ecosystems in 29 Countries (worldstartupreport.com)
25 points by iag 1789 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

Bowei here. I just want to say major thanks to 500 Startups, StartupWeekend, StartupDigest, Dave McClure and Brad Feld for making this all happen!

Awesome work Bowei, looking forward to keeping up with this. I'll catch up with you in Nepal!

Very excited for your trip!

Very strange and arbitrary selection of cities for Europe, it seems. How were the 29 selected? What often happens for these kind of lists is people assume those reviewed are somehow better than those left out. Hope this will clarified once the report gets published, that many top location were just left out.

I polled my 500Startups network to see which countries they were interested in and had contacts in, then narrowed down the list to a manageable size.

Which cities did you think I missed?

Wrote a long reply, which HN ate :S

So I'll just say quickly: 1. Tallinn and #estonianmafia (3 500Startups investments, 6 Seedcamp investments) 2. Helsinki and the world's leading gaming scene.

Also: if you want to make the review serious, decide on the cities based on statistics. As Seedcamp for Europe, which are their top cities for their investment winners. Don't shoot from the hip.

Catch you in Vietnam!

Great idea! Hopefully will see you in Sydney.

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