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We're using it for Webpop (http://www.webpop.com) and have generally been very happy with it.

We were very well aware of its characteristics when choosing our DB, and didn't go in expecting any magic Web Scale or somehow getting a HA setup with plenty of durability with just one server.

For a multitenant CMS where you want to store documents with custom schemas, need more than just a key/value store and want some capability to do ad-hoc queries against custom fields, MongoDB is a pretty good fit.

Are you using mongodb for the analytics and how do you store/index/query custom fields?

We use mongodb for the analytics as well yes. It's a less obvious choice there than for the CMS part, but it's a good enough fit, in-place updates can be really handy and we prefer not having 2 different databases.

We don't index custom fields and for queries where that would be required we do the actual querying with ElasticSearch, but for simple filters on a custom field or the like, Mongo does fine.

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