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I run two sites, one is the perfect use-case for MongoDB - http://www.AUsedCar.com , it's a used car search engine. We've seen nothing but benefits by switching to it from MS SQL Server. Queries are way faster etc... It's a great use case because 99.9% of DB interactions are read-only searches.

My other site, http://www.BudgetSimple.com on the other hand is using SQL Server (in the process of porting to MySQL). It would not be a great use-case for Mongo, because there are usually as many update, delete, inserts as there are reads, and instant database integrity and a schema are important.

Anyone that claims a tool is perfect for every problem is probably wrong. You need to figure out the best one for your use case, and load test, security test, performance test, etc... until you have a good guess for the right answer.

> It's a great use case because 99.9% of DB interactions are read-only searches.

Did you ever consider a datasource like elasticsearch? If yes what made you choose mongo?

No, and I actually used to work for a company that made a similar type of search engine!

That probably would have worked as well (don't think I considered that specific solution). Mongo came up on top because of it's wide use (among other things), ie it's pretty easy to find support and lots of stories about how to scale it under different scenarios.

Can you give me an example of a query that was made much faster?

The biggest difference was pulling a random record. This is an odd use case for most people, and not even a common one for me, but say I wanted to show you a random car near your location. The more common use-cases that were sped up were any geo-location searches, ie you're searching within X miles.

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