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Did you read the article? His main reason had nothing to do with Mongo itself.

Yes, yes I did. My question is why it was selected in the first place, rather than a period of exploration of the benefits and drawbacks of the different NoSQL solutions (which perhaps might have stopped this particular test-case from being a failure). The article doesn't mention those details though.

Also, we DO implement a two DB setup... Couchbase and MySQL. They both have their place.

I don't think you read it very carefully; the second sentence links to the earlier article where they list the reasons they chose that tech over others.

> I wrote about what I was thinking at the time here [1]

[1] http://codeascraft.etsy.com/2010/05/19/mongodb-at-etsy/

Then you would know that they were doing this in 2010, before Couchbase.

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