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That is the vomitous self-congratulatory thing I've ever read and what I've come to expect from our multi-millionare South African marketing overlord. Mark: if you're reading this, please take note.


We're going to push our own goals rather than asking what people want, you know like Amazon again.

We're including everyone in our statement, apart from those people with an opinion other than ours.

Giving, giving, giving dammit giving giving!

We're lying about Unity with a sample size of 15 people that we all knew already, even though the community hates Unity. It's like Ballmer saying how everyone loves Windows 8 Metro but it's not selling.

Mobile bandwagon jumpy jump. Let's dumb it down so it can be use for gefingerpoken as well as anything else (not going to happen - probably worse than Windows 8).

More cloud tie in - we want your data just like all the other vendors.

Completely ignore the foundation that everyone else such as GNU, Linux kernel people, Xorg and surprisingly Debian have provided them.

Completely ignore the humongous bug database which makes Ubuntu like a pre-Alpha release of Windows for reliability.

Ugh it makes me sick. Sorry to sound cynical, but the above is 5 years of using Ubuntu canned in a few statements.

So how much did you contribute back in these 5 years ?

Cash, promotion, merchandise, landscape subscription, bug reports, forum help (I have over 3000 posts on Ubuntu forums), stackoverflow, testing to name a few...

And Mark with his millions out of pocket to invest in a company he believes in. If they were votes, he wins.

Do the capitalist thing and stop giving them money if you hate it ohsomuch.

I doubt it. Much as myself, I wouldn't invest without expecting a sensible return.

I did stop giving about 2 months ago and poured it all into debian.

Now I'm doing the capitalist thing of whinging about how my investment was misused.

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