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The best things and stuff of 2012 (fogus.me)
133 points by DanielRibeiro 1732 days ago | hide | past | web | 13 comments | favorite

I recently went through the HN posts I upvoted/saved this year and maybe someday will get around summarizing the ones that taught/inspired me the most...here are two technical ones that stuck out for me:

SiteChat: a postmortem. Or, the rise and fall of a society. http://burakkanber.com/blog/sitechat-a-postmortem-or-the-ris... This to me was the epitome of a great HN post: the author decides he wants to learn how to build Chrome extensions and implement WebSockets and builds a chat app from scratch. It becomes a runaway hit and he leaves it alone, only to rediscover later that it developed into its own online civilization of sorts.

How We Nearly Lost Discovery http://waynehale.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/how-we-nearly-lost... A former NASA engineer describes how Discovery nearly ended up as tragedy, and "how I found out that we were never really as smart as we thought we were."

Did you know about a "hidden" page: http://news.ycombinator.com/best Looks like an experimental feature to me but it will be nice to have something like this.

Waiting for: http://news.ycombinator.com/best/2012

Hmm, looks like all the top links are made in the past few days. Is this only the Best from the past week or so?

thanks ... how did you find that?

go to the bottom of any hn page and you'll see a "lists" link

I don't know if this is from 2012, but I just found out about this page -- it's the best papers from computer science from 1996 to 2012 http://jeffhuang.com/best_paper_awards.html (based on awards given by committees at the top conferences)

Best thing I've done all year is learning how to code. I feel like I've broken the cycle of illiteracy.

Apropos Engelbart’s Violin, I'd be interested to try a Microwriter. I think I'd pick it up quite well as I played piano for years. Did they ever make it into widespread production? Though I suppose you could make one quite easily with an Arduino.

Try Plover, the open-source steno software. http://plover.stenoknight.com/ You can download it from the wiki. The author has a demonstration of typing 250 words per minute using Plover and her stenography knowledge.

If your keyboard has N-key rollover (and the $50 Microsoft Sidewinder USB keyboard does), it will work well with Plover.

There's more discussion and a few links on previous HN submissions:



they certainly existed; i used to know someone who used one.

see also http://www.cykey.co.uk/ (same people; available now)

Thanks! That's affordable enough to buy and find out.

Favorite musicians discovered: ... Klaus Nomi ...

As a card-carrying member of the Klaus Nomi Fan Club (well, formerly – I lost the card), I heartily approve.

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