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Ask HN: What Software Did You Pay For In 2012
36 points by crisnoble on Dec 26, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 70 comments
What software or apps did you find worth breaking out your wallet for in 2012?

SublimeText 2. What a great piece of software.

And on a completely unrelated note, I then got thoroughly enamoured with Emacs. Thus donated some money to that.

IntelliJ during it's 75% off sale. I'm still experimenting with it, but overall it seems solid and better for Ruby than my previously used Textmate or Aptana Studio.

I also bought a couple of games, split equally between PC and PS3.

Similarly, I bought WebStorm. I'm happy enough with Eclipse and at work we have a few plugins for the build system, but I'm not a fan of Aptana, so WebStorm seemed like a nice IDE for JS related projects, and in the 75% sale it was $12 or something, definitely worth the price.

I've bought a few games in the Steam sales over the year.

I'm surprised no-one said Dropbox yet. I upgraded to their 100GB account which is now my main backup drive.

Also paid for some iPad games for my daughter :-)

I did the Google Adwords trick (advertising your Dropbox referral link) to bump my account up to 17GB. ~$20.

I'm surprised no-one said Dropbox yet.

Well, I paid for Tarsnap and Backblaze, but I don't consider them "software", but services. Maybe others felt the same regarding Dropbox?

Spotify (I guess more of a service than a piece of software)

Wikipedia £5/month donation

Civilization V

Quick Office HD Pro for iOS (the only productivity app I bought)

A bunch of iOS games including GTA: Vice City

Also bought CoD: Black Ops Zombies on iOS today but trying to get a refund as online multiplayer doesn't work and apparently hasn't worked for months. Apple should never have approved the most recent app update.

A couple of XBLA games

Spotify, does Xbox Live count?

So, yeah. Mostly games.

  Evernote Premium (I store everything in this including photos of handwritten notes which it makes searchable)
  Aperture (I'm not a photographer but I prefer this over iPhoto and Google's Picasa)
  Sublime Text 2 (Excellent piece of software)

Coda 2. I understand the Sublime Text crew is probably going to yell at me, but I freakin LOVE Coda.

Oh, also Spotify Premium. I'm not sure if that counts.

Still looking for a CRM simple enough to be worth paying for, but it's not happenin. I'm building one myself I suppose!

Mono for Android EZPdf reader for Android (not as good as GoodReader for iOS but better than any other pdf reader): (http://m.unidocs.com/ezPDF_Reader_Android_Pro.html)

Need for Speed for Android and Temple Run (only games I bought this time and)

Spyglass for Windows (http://clockworkengine.com/) Reeder for Mac (I hardly use this though) CodeBox for Mac (http://www.shpakovski.com/codebox/)

Mobile software: None at all.

Desktop software: OSX (on a new Mac), SourceTree (http://www.sourcetreeapp.com/ .. now part of Atlassian), Viscosity (http://www.sparklabs.com/viscosity/). Other than some random games through Steam, that's it. I pay for VMWare every 2 years or so, as well.

Cloud stuff: Only normal VPS hosting, and some domain names.

Very refreshing to see all the Sublime Text 2 purchases - I myself have not yet purchased it (I barely use it compared to Vim).

I purchased RubyMotion [1] thru a student license (80% off!) although admittedly I haven't used it all that much. I still get my money's worth out of CodeSchool [2].

[1]: http://www.rubymotion.com/

[2]: http://www.codeschool.com/

LastPass Premium, best $12 dollars I have ever spent.

Agreed... On my second year of $12 and happy as day one.

Same here...


All the tools I use personally (vim, git, svn, bash, ubuntu…) are free. My employers takes care of the stuff he wants me to use.

The only online "things" I pay for are my ISP, a Linode, a VPN, a few domain names and an old Dreamhost account.

I don't have a smartphone/tablet so I didn't install any pointless 0.99$ app.

I've bought a few second-hand videogames for my kids (DS/Wii), though, but that's not what you are asking for, I guess.

Postbox: http://www.postbox-inc.com/ Postbox is a fantastic desktop email client, based on Thunderbird. It's primarily geared toward Gmail / Google Apps users. Paid $10.

Nirvana: https://www.nirvanahq.com/ Nirvana is a Getting-Things-Done Saas. $5/month

Too many titles to list, but I essentially paid for two categories: Mobile apps (bought through the Play Store) and free software that I use regularly and that allowed/asked me to donate. I started setting aside a small amount every month for the latter category. Examples are XBMC, SickBeard, X-Notifier, Cyanogenmod, PortableApps and JellyTime.

Mountain Lion. Parallels 8. Windows 8. 1Password. I can never decide whether I don't really need that many applications, most applications I buy have long lives, or there are so many great free applications that I rarely need to buy something. Probably some combinations of the above.

  - Transmit
  - Sparrow (RIP)
  - Tweetbot for mac
  - Kaleidoscope
  - Echofon for mac (RIP)
  - DragonDrop
  - Daisy Disk
  - Codekit
  - Alfred's Powerpack (2x)
  - 1Password
  - Sublime SFTP
  - ColorSchemer Studio
  - DayOne
  - Reeder
+lots of cheap apps at app store

http://logmein.com for remote desktop (subscription)

http://www.displayfusion.com for multi-screen management

http://mirc.com for irc

Haha, people still use mirc!?

Probably half a dozen iPad apps (I'm looking for a good drawing solution) tax prep software, AnyDVD, my renewal/subscription to Proteus (eCAD), Mass Effect (PS3). Earlier in the year I had paid for World of Warcraft but that has since lapsed.

I feel CloudPull was a good buy. It means I'm not vulnerable to data loss if Google decides to freeze my account, like you sometimes hear about. http://www.goldenhillsoftware.com

I am the developer of CloudPull. Thank you for the link and the kind words.

- Bunch of steam games on sale and Humble Bundles - Several android apps & games - Minecraft - Internet Download Manager (Windows) - Donated to some free softwares I use (GIMP, Blender)

currently trying out ST2, not sure whether I'll buy it yet,,

Quite a few games through Steam during sales and two Humble Bundles. I played maybe two (out of over 20) of those games. Then I bought 2 licenses for PyCharm during the 75% off sale, not intentionally of course. Hoping for a refund.

Goodreader on iPad (fantastic), and some random games. Some odd Android stuff.

iRacing on PC. This game has made me its crack ho. I keep buying cars like I'm the Sultan of Brunei. For the closest thing to real racing, nothing comes close.

Sublime Text 2, CrashPlan, all the 2012 Humble Bundles, and assorted iOS apps.

    - Crashplan.com backup
    - billomat.com invoicing
    - letsfreckle.com timetracking
    - mite.yo.lk timetracking
    - github
    - "Thomas Was Alone" game on steam
    - tons of iPhone apps

IntelliJ during it's 75% sale and Cornerstone from Mac App Store. I also paid this year for Skype and Google Talk during my trip abroad.

All were great deals but IntelliJ was the best investment of them all.

BeerSmith - an excellent program which helps you come up with recipes for beer, tells you the estimated strength your beer will likely be, based on the grains etc. you choose.

Github - Love the UI

1Password for Mac and iOS, because remembering 50 passwords sucks and having only 5 leaves you really exposed when something like PSN gets compromised.

As a consumer : http://followgen.com

As a developer : iron.io optimizely stripe

Soundcloud, Github, SublimeText2, Carbon-Copy-Cloner, WinClone 3, Netflix, Spotify, Humble Indie Bundle 7

As far as I remember... Only games this year. All of my applications have been free in some form.

  IntelliJ IDEA
  Copernic Desktop Search

PassPack, RubyMine and PhpStorm. I found LastPass quite horrible to use compared to PassPack.

Sublime Text 2, Logic Pro, Rdio, 1Password for iOS, and a small handful of other iOS apps.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text 2, iA Writer, Pages / Numbers / Keynote (iOS + OSX), Reeder (iPad), CS6

Lightroom, Resharper, Sublime Text.

Then several of the Humble bundles and a dozen games on Steam.


Emacs for OSX

Diablo 3


An OSX upgrade

Civilization 4 (was cheap in the Mac App Store, but I never ended up playing much)

GTA 3 for OSX (also cheap, also only played a few times)

If we're including web services, then also:





PhpStorm and RubyMine subscription renewals during Doomsday sale. :D

Resharper 7 (with the 75% off), Day One, Transmit FTP for OSX.

PyCharm (and even added another year during the doomsday sale)

Spotify, some android apps and I plan on buying Sublime soon.

Some Android apps/games on sale at .99c or less, that's it.

Android's Minecraft, BubbleUpnp, Music Folder Player.

Sublime Text. Better Terminal Emulator Pro.

Win 8, and I haven't booted it for weeks.

Games, workflowy.com and Sublime Text 2.

iaWriter Pictos Day One Tweetbot Coda 2 Starcraft 2 Civ 5 CS 6 CSS Hat Dropbox Color Snapper Spotify

Maya 2013, anti-virus, os x upgrade

Sublime Text 2 TextMate GitHub

Both for the iPad:

* SmartGo Kifu * OOTP Baseball


* Sublime Text 2

* CodeKit

* Transmit

* OS X Mountain Lion

* MAMP Pro

* ColorSchemer Studio

* Advanced Custom Fields Plugins (for WordPress)



* Pocket Casts

* Nova Launcher Prime

* ROM Toolbox Pro

* TuneIn Radio Pro

* Titanium Backup

* Instapaper



* LastPass Premium

* Pinboard.in

* Audible

* Instapaper

RubyMine from JetBrains.

100GB on Google Drive.

Sublime text 2

Goodnotes on iPad

Some games on steam

Mono for Android

iA Writer & Sublime Text 2


Let's see...

- Sublime Text 2

- iA Writer

- Tweetbot

- Alfred

- PHPStorm & RubyMine

- Rdio

- Coda 2

- Things


MSDN Subscription

Mountain Lion


A bunch of iOS Apps


humble indie bundles

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