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Background for those who're not aware of what's happening in India:

A week back, a twenty-one year old woman was gang raped by six other men in a private bus in New Delhi. The rape involved the use of an iron rod, which totally messed up with her digestive system. Her guy friend, who tried to protect her, was hit on the head, and both of them were thrown out of the bus in the middle of the night. Though they're in terrible condition in a hospital now, they've survived. The perpetrators have been arrested.

This harrowing incident led to nationwide anti-rape protests in India. In particular, against the evidently rampant men-are-superior and short-clothes-cause-rape classes of beliefs in India. The government has been totally mum on the issue and has not issued any concrete steps to prevent such incidents in the future. Peaceful protests in Delhi were met with merciless beatings and water cannons and tear gas.

India is indeed in a sad state of gender inequality, lack of freedom of speech and a never ending vicious cycle of illiteracy->demagoguery->poverty->corruption

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