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The best web and mobile fonts of 2012 (venturebeat.com)
46 points by treskot 1789 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite

Wow, with the exception of Adobe’s Source Code, those fonts are pretty dreadful. I’d say they’re worth exactly the price their creators are asking for it.

For lists of good new webfonts, try MyFonts’ monthly ‘Rising Stars’ newsletter: http://webfonts.info/webfonts-know-how/november-rising-stars...

Also, Typographica makes an superb list every January: http://typographica.org/features/our-favorite-typefaces-of-2...

And for some inspiration, you can always check the most popular fonts at TypeKit: https://typekit.com/lists/favorite-fonts

The Typographica link has a great collection too! One more worthy mention would be Behance - http://www.behance.net/search?search=font

The 'best' mobile font is the one already on the visitors device so they don't have to wait for another to download...

Agree on that point. But wouldn't you find that boring if all the websites and apps had a single font?

Not necessarily. It's not uncommon (for myself) to disable styles to make the page load faster, or respond faster on my device.

Never thought of that. Should try it myself. Did you still like the UI after disabling styles? Won't that look a bit awkward?

I guess that might be some of the best free fonts, but even then I don't really like them. Most people using web fonts would have a Typekit account. I'd take most of the fonts on Typekit over this list.

However, I've found that the WebType service actually has the best text fonts for small sizes. Headlines are nice, but what really matters is your <p> text. Their RE (Readability) series is excellent for small text.


I'm personally using Benton Modern RE and Benton Modern Sans RE for smaller sizes, and Benton Modern Display for <h1> headlines.

These are so Latin-1 centric fonts, I doubt they are useful for the rest of the world.

Even for European languages most fonts stuck. Text looks mostly fine, but any accented chars have a different font ...

I always find these best of lists nice, I never think they are actually the "best of" but I do end up finding one or two gems I add to my box of whatever it's the "best of" of. I guess it's a small thing I just don't like the titling of "best" articles.

'Best of articles' do work always! For the blogger/ editor and the reader. I agree with your point I hate the title convention too, cant blame the editors too what can they possibly change it to?

‘Random free fonts we ran into while browsing the web’

That's a good one! I would click on that.

Hint: Click the font-name above the pictures to get to the source.

They should make that easier to discover.

It did take me a few seconds to figure it out for the first time.

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