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I'm a huge fan of Dan Simmons, and his Hyperion series is well worth the time. Once you make it beyond the first few pages of Hyperion, I guarantee you'll be hooked. There are a total of 4 books in the series and each is truly a masterpiece in science fiction.

I would also recommend "The Terror," which is a historical fiction piece loosely based on the first expedition to the North Pole.

Simmons has won multiple awards in Science Fiction and leaps across categories with aplomb. I highly recommend any of his work!

I read Hyperion a few months ago, and I only read to the end so that I wouldn't be left with that nagging feeling of leaving a book unfinished. Much like the Grammy's and the Emmy's, I've found that book awards may be a good indicator of what other people like, but often not a good indicator of what I like.

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