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Gravity's Rainbow - took 4 months out of my year, but and it's still mostly a whoosh, but every time I started reading another book after that, it was just amazing how much better Pyncheon writes. Will revisit it for sure, though not very soon.

Anna Karenina - just a whole different level, Tolstoy's writing in a way I don't feel many contemporary writes could. Feels creepy how similar the people's lives in the 19th Century was to ours. Creepy but fun too.

If On A Winter's Night A Traveller - Italo Calvino will just punch you in the face, this is a book for people who love reading books.

The Magicians - adult magic fiction, and somehow it feels that if magic was indeed real, it would be like it is depicted here, not like anything in Harry Potter's (no matter how much I loved the storytelling, the magic theory was just so full of plotholes).

The Casual Vacancy - JKRowling's not-Harry-Potter-book. It's very gritty, and feels very real. Still having my cold shivers thinking of small-town living after this.

(Except for the last one the others are older releases, don't usually jump into the newest ones, I just take it casual)

What a great reading list. It's a really nice mix. If you're up for a reading group, let me know (email is in my profile).

Seconded. I am surprised that there are not more of Pynchon's books in this thread. 'Vineland' is an easy, humorous read. If you want to take Pynchon head on, I can't recommend 'Against the day' too much.

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