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1. "59 Seconds" http://amzn.to/12DMx27

A good no-nonsense self-help book. Outlines set of strategies for dealing with challenging situations in everyday life, touching on areas such as Parenting, Career, Dating. Author also looks into common misconceptions about how we function and which mental tricks are efficient and which are not so much.

2. "Start Small, Stay Small: - A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup" http://amzn.to/12DMzHt

I actually have a blog post on it here - http://blog.nimblegecko.com/when-your-drugs-wear-off/ - in short it's a book for developers that focuses on how to start building an online product, with heavy emphasis on market, and marketing. It also addresses some of the common mistakes we, as developers, tend to make when conceiving and carrying out the execution of an idea.

3. "The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company " ebook - http://amzn.to/V3BxWq dead tree book - http://amzn.to/12DNfwd

This is classic, really. What was interesting for me in particular is the types of markets that a startup launches to - new market, resegmenting an existing market (low-end, high-end, specific features), clone market, and all of the limitations/dangers/expectations/growth profiles that choice of marketing strategy entails.

4. "Core Transformation: Reaching the wellspring within" http://amzn.to/Vw5nAR

Not that I've only read this book in 2012, but I keep returning to it - that's probably one of not too many truly life changing books for me. It contains very simple, yet very efficient reframing exercise (think NLP) that helps to uncover the true motivations behind behaviours that you don't like in yourself, and change those for good, yet in a completely unexpected and never predictable ways.

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