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Mostly scifi and fantasy. I've never been much of a reader, so I'm trying to catch up on classics.

* Hunger games 1-3 -- not bad, would probably recommend

* Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy -- good, surprised how short it was. really liked the style of writing, fun to read. recommended

* Stranger in a Strange Land -- currently reading this one, interesting, but nothing ground breaking. one character seems to dominate the book. don't know if I'd recommend.

* Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep -- interesting, a bit boring. I kept comparing it to the movie, and in the end I like the movie better. they each focus on different subjects, but I like the movie's subject better, and it felt more professional/solid. would recommend.

* Ringworld -- pretty good. the 'Teela problem' is fascinating to me and got me thinking a lot outside of reading, which to me is a sign of a good book. the 'spacey stuff' in the book was not that great. even the ringworld itself was not that interesting. would recommend.

* The Mote in God's Eye -- my favorite book of the year. so much to think about (moral problems/dilemmas). the realistic part of the space travel was new to me (like the consideration of g-forces in constant acceleration), and so that was more to think about. definitely recommend.

* Cryptonomicon -- a close second. Neal Stephenson goes into wicked detail in his books and always blows my mind (never heard of Van Eck Phreaking before this book, how is that possible?). definitely recommend.

Definitely read the other Hitchhiker's books. At least, the second one, which is as good as the first, if not better. Also, absolutely recommend the radio series. Even after you read the books, it's different enough to keep you entertained, and worth it for Marvin's lines alone.

I re-read Cryptonomicon over vacation, and I agree with your recommendation.

I would also check out Quicksilver - there are significant tie-ins to Cryptonomicon. I've enjoyed it so far.

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