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Blue Ocean strategy -- Really solid and well researched book on how to create things customers will gladly pay for while minimizing your own costs. Creating uncontested market space for yourself and making the competition irrelevant.

Visual Communication -- old book currently out of print but timeless principles for effective communication. Visual communication is often more effective than words.

Eat, Drink and Be Healthy -- How to enjoy food but stay in great shape. You do not need to live on steamed broccoli and granola to do this! Lots of bland foods are unhealthy and lots of healthy foods are actually tasty. You just need to know which ones.

How to build a start up community in your city -- Book by Brad Feld with some interesting ideas about 'leaders' and 'feeders'. Read it to to build a community around http://AfriTech.org

Positioning -- interesting ideas on how to succeed in a crowded market place

Writing Non Fiction -- another old book that is out of print but lots of good ideas on how to communicate effectively

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