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The Iliad, I had high expectations but it was even better than I expected.

I just finished The Odyssey and it was also better than I expected. I'll move on to The Iliad next.

Fagles translation?

I read it in Dutch as translated by H.J. de Roy van Zuydewijn. If you want to read it in Dutch his translations of The Ilias and the Odyssey are highly recommended by me and more importantly my classics teacher. The Ilias is out of print but available in the second hand market at a premium.

By the way: If you (edit: or anyone else ;) wants to read them I can loan them to you.

If I could read Dutch I would accept your offer :) But alas, I cannot.

Of the translations, I've read only Robert Fitzgerald's. Might I recommend, as elsewhere in the comments, War and the Iliad, an NYRB collection of essays by Simone Weil, Rachel Bespaloff, and Herman Broch? The Weil essay, which I first read long ago, strikes me now as saying more about Weil than about the Iliad; Bespaloff's essays I think excellent, and blurb quotes Robert Fitzgerald to that effect. Broch's essay is fascinating, but less focused on the poem.

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