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Ask HN: Why Venture Advices is better then VC for Brazilian startups. Thoughts?
2 points by andersonsantos 1673 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
For international VC firms it is very hard/complicated to invest in Brazilian startups but Brazil`s economy and tech ecosystem is too attractive right now to be ignored. To solve this problem what I suggest is for some entrepreneurs, angel investors and HN hackers to think about offering "advices investments" instead of money investments. The truth is that it is extremely easy and cheap to raise capital in Brazil and what Brazilians startups really need is advices from people that really know how to execute and that already have done that. I believe this to also "work" for Indian and China`s startup market.<p>What do you guys think? I have a couple of startups projects in Brazil and also know tens of others founders of startups... so if any of you guys are interested in trying out this model, just let me know.

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