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OK, those are arguments in favor of strong-typing, early-binding and compile-time checks. Java arguments, in other words.

I think, looking at sources of arc.arc or news.arc, that it is, how to say, over-hyped.

Strong typing is not nearly as good when the type system is weaker.

Java's "strong typing" doesn't protect you from null dereference errors, as one example out of many.

Also, strong typing is not as good when you have to specify a lot of the types repeatedly. Without good type inference, it loses a lot of the appeal.

Strong typing is not nearly as good when every function has arbitrary effects not specified by its type.

Strong typing is not as good when it is harder to do parametericity, as discouraging it means you get monomorphic types, which are far less effective at preventing errors.

Haskell gives a whole lot more benefits via static types than Java does.

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