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Where is hacker news for business?
14 points by evolution 1792 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite
I've been looking for source like hacker news for business related news. I've been on /r/business and /r/economics but wanted to check with hn community what are our favorite choices.


TechCrunch! Haha, just kidding.

In all seriousness, "business" is a very generic term, so you might need a little more in that; you could be looking for the Wall Street Journal or you could be looking for Paul Graham's Essays.

There aren't any other social news sites (to my knowledge) predicated on upvotes/downvotes, but here are some of my favorite sources for non-technical people the tech industry (which I assume you would be most interested in because you're on HN).

http://PandoDaily.com - covers the Silicon Valley scene in general, each writer has his or her own perspective and is usually very opinionated. The PandoMonthly videos are among the best content on the web. Period.

Fred Wilson's Blog - http://avc.com covers a lot of the venture capital world for tech startups. Some fascinating stuff in there.

Mark Suster's blog is usually pretty great http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/

Venture Beat has some good stuff at times http://venturebeat.com/

Obligatory TechCrunch (I'll assume you've heard of it, if not, it is definitely the place with the most traffic) http://techcrunch.com

There's Wired (http://wired.com)

All Things D (http://allthingsd.com)

The Verge (http://theverge.com)

Robert Scoble's Blog (http://http://scobleizer.com/)

And a ton more.

yes, there are lots of publications that write quality articles but don't have place to weight them based on community opinions. every article has comments, but those wouldn't be in order of priority of reading. also business news are big enough so that every publication eventually covers it, what remains is the community insights about the news. that is why I like hn -- because of community opinions than content that is posted.

TechCrunch is more like the TMZ of Tech.

I like HN because of the intelligent off-topic articles (the largest retailers do not look healthy) or the unique perspective on current events (mass killings, randomness, statistics). In my experience, business people are very common sensical which makes them a tad less interesting than the hacker types.(BTW I am probably classified as a business type ;( ).

Nuclear Phynance is usually trotted out as the finance equivalent, but it's a forum. http://www.nuclearphynance.com/

Hacker News is really the best business-of-software site. http://inbound.org/ is essentially Hacker News for SEO/internet marketing.

For market news, it depends on what you want, but http://caps.fool.com/ is good coverage and socially-driven. Unlike HN, it has built-in features to show if a user's predictions about the future tend to be correct (only really possible in the stock world.)

The best general research and analysis sites are, in my opinion, still the curated/paid ones with on-staff researchers. I greatly miss my Roubini Global Economics subscription. I think, though, that someone could really cut down businesses like those with the right kind of site.

Shouldn't forget the BoS forum:


More broadly, I'd love to know about "the HN for (insert profession here)". Lawyers, doctors, artists, etc.

There was one. (I'm blanking on the name, at the moment.) It didn't make it. As I recall, the founder disappeared from contact and that was the end of it.

It was even based on the HN/Arc code.

I find it that people in Business have not embraced the "open" culture of technology and Silicon Valley.

Or can it be that they never gathered as community, like hn?

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