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HN top bar is in red
11 points by shellehs 1615 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite
the top navigation bar turned red from orange.

I think that is saying Merry Christmas!

Note that the numbers of the main page stories are also in alternating colors. That's a sure sign that the annual Christmas color styling for Hacker News is back. (My topcolor choice still shows as it does year round, but alternating colors for the numbered list of stories on the front page happens independently from the topcolor choice.)

I wonder what the most popular topcolor choices are. I'd go crazy without aaaaaa, which is highly effective in reminding me to be logged in, even on mobile browsers, etc.

Didn't you know about http://news.ycombinator.com/topcolors?

(They're not in order of popularity though.)

Wow. This is interesting (would be more interesting graphed for popularity, or at least ordered and tallied. Then people could campaign for correct topcolors)

Could you help me figure out how to change my top bar color? I can't seem to find the option.

It's a benefit of having around 250 karma. After 500 or so, you also get to downvote (some) comments.

So, post more good comments, and/or submit good articles. Then it appears in your editable user profile when logged in.

Yes, just as you said.

Does the site turn pink for valentines day?

Gah! I hope not

Doh! I missed it due to my awesome dd66ff custom colored toolbar.

Where can this be changed? Is there a minimum Karma threshold?

Eww. This is what happens when hackers try to be designers.

I thought the whole design scheme (or lack thereof) for Hacker News existed to scare off non-serious and unintelligent posters -- i.e. who both 1) care that much about eye candy and 2) are unable to set up a custom rendering in their browser.

If that's the reason it's pretty stupid..

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