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You totally missed the point.

I don't care about the point. I've dabbled in Haskell myself. I just hate the preaching, especially when it's unsubstantiated.

He gave concrete examples for all of his points, unlike you.

Wait, what?

I spoke against a concrete and specific thing, this very article, what more "examples" do you want? Pointing to a particular thing is the very definition of an example.

So, yes, this kind of article is very often seen, and we're very familiar with the genre to need more examples. It even admits so itself, as it starts with: "It's OFTEN CLAIMED that learning Haskell will make you a better programmer in other languages.".

As for the articles' examples: meh. Using Haskell signatures to sketch public APIs in other languages is somehow better that using any other similar notation? Even if it was so, he never proves it better. Just some handwaving. And his other big point is about thinking in terms of maps, sets, filters, reduces and such. How is that unique to Haskell? Lisps beg to differ...

I think he fails to mention the very strong static typing in addition to method signatures. There are no nulls, everything is expected ahead of time, you know what you are going to get.

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