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In the Obvious architecture, it would be something more like..

    class CreateContact
      def initialize contact_jack, email_jack
        @contact_jack = contact_jack
        @email_jack = email_jack
      def do input
        # validate input
        contact = Contact.new
        contact.populate input

        contact_jack.save contact.to_hash

        email = ContactEmail.new
        email.populate contact.to_hash

        email_jack.send email.to_hash

With that structure you can call CreateContact with:

    action = CreateContact.new
    result = action.do ContactJack.new, EmailJack.new
In that structure you can totally test the action and logic without hitting the db or the mail system at all. Your ContactJack and EmailJack can be easily swapped out for various pluggable data stores. Fileystem, MySQL, Mongo, Postgres, Cassandra, could be swapped out for the ContactJack. EmailJack could send through standard mail servers, SendGrid, Amazon AWS, Mandrill, etc.

Obvious is on github, you can read more at http://obvious.retromocha.com

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