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A lot of Haskell's power comes from it being able to enforce the validity of this style of programming. C++ does not - and when working with C++, you have to reason at both the C++ level like you always do, and at the Haskell level (but without the compiler verifying your work).

That's extra burden without extra benefits.

It is just that author in the "Container Operations" says that using functors in C++ is such a good practice.

No. While concept is nice, in practice, with C++ it can result in time waste and unreadable/unmodifiable code with no clear benefits. Cleaning up some statefull functors overdesigned by some intellegent fool can be a gruesome job.

> Cleaning up some statefull functors

This makes no sense at all. A functor is a type class, it doesn't contain any state.

In Haskell, it makes no sense, agreed.

In C++, it makes sense: http://www.sgi.com/tech/stl/functors.html. Functors are function objects, which is to say they're a class/struct with one method, operator().

If this makes you sigh, know that you're not alone.

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