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I'm currently writing a book and the pointers are great. Had been having trouble getting good momentum going due to the nature of the topic, but the bit about creating the structure of the book and then filling it in is just golden. I do the same thing with programs, but had not thought that it just applies to writing too.

If you're stuck then I'm finding there two common causes:

1. It's a structure problem, so you have to go back to organizing the concepts and how each chapter flows. Try changing the first lesson as a way to start rethinking this.

2. It's an audience problem, so you have to go figure out who the book is really for and then constantly try to write it for them. Try even changing who it's for and then see if that makes the book work for them.

You are right. After reading this post and following some useful links to your site, I was able to sit down and redo the book structure. It solved my problem and was able to quickly write a nice draft of the first chapter. Very useful wisdom to share, thank you.

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