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I think our opinions are not as far apart as it seems.

You are of course right that rolling your own auth won't be the first priority in your initial PoC. Neither is it needed for very simple apps or when you're dead-certain that you won't need more flexibility than the common gems provide.

However in my experience the latter almost never applies in a commercial app. Suddenly you need OmniAuth in addition to devise, and some form of ACLs. Then you grow an API that also needs some sort of auth-tokens. Then there's this other site you want to interface with which needs yet another bridge. Then one day you run that ad on TV and learn the hard way that those extra-lookups devise makes on every request are not free after all...

So what I'm saying is that the design of (in particular) devise and authlogic is just not a very good one to start from if you can already predict that you'll need customizations (beyond templating) in the future.

A frankensteined devise can be a lot harder to understand than a straightforward impl from scratch - but in the end it of course also boils down to who wrote it and whether he wrote it for the first time.

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