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True, but there are also things that don't get cheaper.

One good example is hosting. Linode/Rackspace monthly charges can eat your lunch.

Another is electronic equipment. Computers, smartphones and all other gadgets are not a tad bit cheaper -- they cost the same, and sometimes even more than they do in other countries.

Same applies to cars. A Camry will cost you nearly double its sticker price due to 104% tax on foreign-made cars. Indian-made cars cost $10'000 and up -- for nothing that even comes close to comfort and cruising of a Toyota/Nissan engine.

I know, I know; these are not big points -- what really upsets me though is -- being paid peanuts when people doing the exact same thing as you are making 10 or even 15 times more in other countries. I know people in Google, Zynga and other places all making $140k or more (in the U.S.)

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