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aresant 487 days ago | link | parent

Prior to inventing GoPro Nick Woodman had a full on, VC funded bubble startup in 2000 called "FunBug". (1) (2)

FunBug was "designed to drive consumer traffic and spending to online and offline client businesses" via games & sweepstakes.

His FunBug co-founder, Stephen Baumer, is the current CTO of GoPro.

Woodman credits FunBug's failure as partial inspiration for GoPro in that he wanted to pursue something he was genuinely passionate about.

So what?

Don't give up on the dream, fail fast and fail big, keep your best people close, and build stuff you wish existed.

Good stuff to think about with the new year around the corner.

1 - http://www.dmnews.com/funbugcom-looks-to-infest-the-net/arti...

2 - http://web.archive.org/web/20001017210942/http://www.funbug....

pbsurf 487 days ago | link

FunBug slogan: Be a winner. GoPro slogan: Be a hero.


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