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Story time:

Two years ago, I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad with the intention of running Linux. I bought it from the Microsoft Store website, because it was $200 cheaper than buying it from Lenovo (even with discount codes from dealnews.com)

So, as I was checking out, the store asks me if I would like to pay $80 more for "Microsoft Signature" setup. Given that I was going to run Linux, I was already upset at the implicit Windows tax, and declined without even checking what "Microsoft Signature" was. Especially since the whole thing was $650, so $80 is almost a 15% increase.

Three days later, I get the thing, and the box says "with Microsoft Signature". I first looked to see that they did not charge me for it. And then, just before calling to shout at them for installing crapware I didn't ask for, I checked what "Microsoft Signature" really means. Lo and behold, it means "Lack of manufacturer crapware".

Microsoft was offering to charge me $80 more so that I would only get Microsoft software out of the box.

(The Intel Inside and Win7 stickers were still there, however)

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