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> Thousands of dialogs pop up all the time telling me stuff I'm not interested and that is not important or useful (e.g. explaining some gimmicky and useless gestures).

What exactly are you speaking of? Android will display some annoying tips about how to use the app menu and the home screens but after about one minute you are through that. Other than that the only thing that pops up for me are the "What's new" information after an app update. Anything else is is by design by the specific app you are using or by samsung.

> I was told that deleting crapware from Android phones would be easy, however, it seems to be very hard. Even then, there is no way to know which apps you can delete and which you cannot. I gave up on it. It seemed like too much of hassle.

Some apps are preinstalled in the system partition and without root you don't have the write permission to delete it. You know which one these are because when you are in the "apps" settings and click on the app you cannot "uninstall" it but only "disable" it. The result will be almost the same - it won't show up in the app chooser and it will certainly not run. Just take up a little space in the system partition. Why they did introduce that system - I don't know, but I honestly don't understand how you could "give up on it" just because the button says "disable" instead of "uninstall".

>The settings are a mess, unorganized, not explicit, confusingly vast, with very bad descriptions and many options on a same hierarchical level

Define unorganized. I mean, there are groups like "Wireless & Networks", "Interface", "Device", "Personal", "Accounts", "System". I would agree, it's messy but mostly I go through the settings once and then only occassionally. What exactly was so hard to find for you?

> That Play Store! Thousands of confirmation dialogs,

Installing and app is pressing install, then confirming the permissions and then closing the confirmation popup. That last step is rather unneccessary but not really that annoying.

> updating apps is an ordeal.

In the play store, go to settings, check "auto-update apps" and you can update all apps at once and only have to confirm when the permissions of one change. Today I installed cyanogenmod and it was the default. Maybe it's not for yours.

> I gave up.

Why? You still gave no specifics whatsoever what these "thousands of confirmation dialogs" is or what "ordeal" you have to go through to update your apps.

> Scrolling inertia is wrong. Ugh. That's real ugly.

Couldn't find something wrong with it other than the occassional odd behaviour but I think it's the touchscreen hardware. Can you describe what's wrong with it? I really don't understand it.

> Contacts crashed, showing a black screen for a good 20 seconds. When iOS apps crash you are back to the home screen immediately. (Apps crash. I have no problem with that. But they shouldn't crash like that.)

When apps crash on android you should get the typical feedback dialog pretty much instantly. When you have a black screen it probably hang in some strange way (strange because you get the "application not responding" screen after about 5 seconds normally). Maybe if you had exceptionally much i/o operations on the sd card at that time it was slowed down too much? (That is one of the actual problems)

> That inconsistent back button! You never know what it will do (since it's not consistent, there is no rhyme or reason). Sometimes it means back in the app hierarchy, sometimes it takes you back to the last screen you saw, independent of app hierarchy.

That's both pretty cool and pretty annoying depending on what you want to do and what it does. You know what it does when you try and remember it. When I start a first person shooter my "a" key suddenly doesn't type "a" in the chat, it moves me left. And in some other games it rotates me. That's not something that confuses me because it is so inconsistent that's just learning the convention of the application. But maybe I am "special" as I am comfortable with using fluxbox, kde, gnome3 or unity all the same.

> That damn menu button! It hides tons of crap, you never know what there will be. It's seemingly used by lazy UI designers to throw in everything they thought they needed and couldn't fit into the normal UI.

That describes pretty much my browser, chromium, at the moment. It has some buttons in the normal UI and then there is one menu button that hides all the other functionality. Actually that's most menu bars everywhere: You will never know what is hiding there - until you try it.

> The translation to German of the interface is atrocious. Apple make their fair share of embarrassing mistakes, Samsung/Google puts it on a whole new level. Labels that don't fit and are cryptically abbreviated and so on.

Reminds me of blueman: http://ompldr.org/vZ3M3MA/blueman.png ("Audio Sink", for the off chance that you didn't guess it).

The most prominent feature of your rant is the lack of any specific labels that "don't fit" or are "cryptically abbreviated".

> I have to note that I'm talking about my personal taste here.

Honestly, how long have you tried it? I would say at least a week of daily use to get used to the basic functionality.

And you should slow a bit down to condemn "android" when all you have used is one samsung-modified version. Because that's what your first sentence in the other post does.

As I said I installed cyanogenmod on a smartphone today and and I think I like it even better than the stock android on my nexus tablet. This is android too - stock android and a "fan-made" customization of android.

Huh. I have tons of apps with a greyed out uninstall buttons and no deactivate button! There are apps with a deactivate button, but they often have cryptic names and I don't know whether I can deactivate them or what they are for.

Hm... haven't seen that before. You are right - when you go to "All" instead of "Downloaded". These are the ones like com.android.sharedstoragebackup or "Fused Location". If the names are cryptic and you don't know what they do I think they are probably system relevant apps and better be left alone...

I wish more people would try out CM10. It's too easy to do, with little to no downside (I've been running GN 4.2 nightlies for weeks now provided by fitsnugly and never have had stability problems, plus, all of the features: adjustable Quick Settings is the latest).

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