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Man I bet those guys are pissed after manually processing 1000 refunds and now Apple changes their mind...

Luckily we had not done the refunds yet. That would have really sucked...


" I decided to refund everybody's $40, with my deepest apologies. With 5000 musicians signed up, that meant I was refunding $200,000.

Since we couldn't promise anything, I couldn't charge money in good conscience.

I removed all mention of iTunes from my site.

I removed the $40 cost to make it free.

I changed the language to say we can't promise anything.

I emailed everyone to let them know what had happened.

I decided to make it a free service from that point on.

The next day, we got our signed contract back from Apple, along with upload instructions."

I don't think they've actually processed any refunds yet.

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