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Yeah, isn't it cool Apple did this? Even though the kickstarter project totally screwed the pooch by not asking Apple before hand if it was good?

We more then asked Apple we had submitted the project to them through the MFI process. Apple changed their policy and I have to think it is because of the incredible response this story got.

Wow, just wow. I must say Apple customers are amazing, even through their policy on chargers, to lock down their customers on apple (and to prevent universal chargers/ data connectors) is so clearly against consumer interest, now its a sign of greatness if they change their policy in response to the major shitstorm. Apple can't do wrong right? Apple fanbois make me sick, and stop call yourself hackers, you're contemptible.

Nice attitude. Elitism is definitely what the "hacker" community is all about.

I feel like if they had Apple would have quietly said no, but that since they did get funded and all that they were able to get people to put pressure on Apple. Obviously it's hard to say if things would have played out like that but it's something to consider.

I can't even tell if this is sarcasm or not.

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