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Of course, they would be rivaling Apple/Samsung if they would just produce enough of the Nexus 4 and market it better. But that just seems TOO EASY I guess.

if they would just produce enough

But that's why this is so hard. Google and LG completely fucked up the Nexus 4. They so completely misjudged market demand for the N4 that they didn't have their supply chain in line to produce enough. That's why even now you can't get one. It takes a while to get all of the downstream suppliers in line and they're probably scrambling to do that now.

That's why this business is so hard. It's not that they just didn't produce enough - they didn't produce enough and they're not very good with contingency planning and supply chain management and so the Nexus 4 isn't an option for most consumers who would want one. Don't underestimate just how good Apple and Samsung are at this.

What's that Dilbert management quote? "I can't do it so it must be easy".

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