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> I have a friend that really loves Sony laptop hardware. Every time he buys one, though, he has to spend a day cleaning off the bloatware. It literally goes from a sluggish Windows filled with crap to reasonable OS.

been there, I had to clean up a friend's laptop, it was a new one straight from the store and it barely worked until I removed all the sony crapware. and it was one of the expensive ones at the time (17'' or sth).

I got a personal motto, not to buy equipment which name starts with an S and ends with a Y. Sony is a perfect proof of the rule that hardware companies shouldn't write their software.

Isnt't Apple a hardware company that writes its own software ?

Not really, most apple hardware is actually made by someone else then brought inhouse.

Apple is as much, if not more, of a software company than Sony.

<trololol>apple maps</trololol>. but seriously, apple always has been a software company. sony is a typical electronics producer and all their approaches to writing software are just a symptom of NIH syndrome.

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