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Good thing you have all those specifics in there. Or any. Or even a hint at what is such a "train wreck". My litmus test is when my got-super-rich-off-Apple-stock friend is saying that he's trying out 4.2 and is envious of it. And that's just from casual exposure to someone who has owned every iOS device made.

I bought a Nexus 7 as my first Android device a few weeks ago, primarily for reading. Overall, I've been pretty happy with it as a long-time iPhone and iPad user. I'll say this: It's surprising how bad Android's momentum-free scrolling feels. Apple patents strike again!

is that really true? We implemented momentum scrolling on the Sony-Erricson p800 ages ago. go figure...

I don't know, this is the second time I've heard this complaint in two days. I have inertial momentum scrolling in Android. It's been here forever and it works quite well... I think this is "it feels different than iOS so it sucks" mentality.

For specifics see my other comment.

Also, I do believe that those who like Android honestly do. I'm just saying that it's a mystery for me personally. That's all. For me the experience was rage inducing and I was shocked by that because I expected Android to be great.

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