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I like this idea. It has potential definitely. This is a sales tool and a way to get your message in front of people that want to know someone took the effort and has targeted them instead of many people and is willing to pay for the opportunity. I get solicited plenty by email (and by phone). I would definitely pay more attention if I knew there was some cost to targeting me instead of spraying everyone. I can see using this service to get a message I want to deliver in front of a decision maker (and know that it arrived). One of the biggest part of sales is getting someone to listen to what you are saying.

Let's test this out. I can get any HNers idea in front of a well known VC in NYC that funded Twitter. The cost for having me do this is $25 if I decide that he should give some thought to your product. If, after I review, he replies to what I forward (which means it has also passed my review) you owe the $25. If no reply, you owe $5. Any takers? Send me an email. (By reply I mean either "yes have them tell me more" or "no not interested" which also has value.)

The problem is that gramicon doesn't implement the 'if no reply, you owe $5' - it's free if they don't reply. So the cost for sending a shitty email that nobody wanted to receive is free.

edit: clarity.

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