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Hey @mwargh could you email me at help@learncodethehardway.org? I got awesome goodies for you.

I ended up completely redoing the LxTHW base structure and converted all my books to it, but I haven't got around to updating the repo with the new gear. If you email me I'll hook you up with the latest.

The new gear uses dexy (http://dexy.it) still, but uses all the features of the newer dexy and switches to rST intead of latex. I also have a converter that converts from the old latex structure pretty well. The results are much easier to host and convert to pdf, mobi, epub, html, etc. and easier to write.

So, contact me (or anyone looking to do one of these).

+1 for being a sport.

Your convivial reply on this thread also probably puts to rest speculation around whether it is OK to name open tutorial projects in this way or not.

It's great what you are doing with the "hard way". I wish you well, and hope you keep doing it for a long time. :-)

The site finally loaded for me, and I think it is great what the author is doing there.

Good luck, @mwargh!

I wrote you.

Thanks for inventing LxTHW guide format and for suggesting to help.

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