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SoftwareMaven 485 days ago | link | parent

I first skimmed this and thought, "how remarkably annoying" ("reading" it was too hard with the collapsed lists). Then I started digging into the lists and realized it is a wonderful satire of HN.

To the author: fix up the lists. Having them concatenated makes it too hard to read, so you home in on the X's, missing the satire completely. If you make them pre-formatted using the spaces at the beginning of the line, recognize there is no auto-wrapping, so long lines need to be wrapped.

Anyway, thanks for the smile.

efdee 485 days ago | link

This copypasta predates HN by many, many years.


livebeef 485 days ago | link

I've seen it on slashdot some years ago for the first time.


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